Rural dilapidated housing relocation is one of the research projects of steel structure residential

Building steel structure residential is the rural seismic performance, short construction period, high degree of industrialization, energy saving, recyclable, etc., in line with national green development concept and the construction of resource-saving society policy guidance.

“Rural dilapidated housing relocation is a steel house residential research project”

Steel buildings in the integrated cost close to the basis of time and load will be reduced by about one-third. Especially for the poor natural conditions of the northwest, the steel structure of residential construction will not be as traditional buildings vulnerable to weather conditions, as long as the factory to create the necessary components, and then select the appropriate construction period can be installed on-site.

Accelerate the development of construction steel structure is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry to achieve the modernization of the construction industry is an important aspect of digestion of steel excess capacity, the formation of steel strategic reserve an important measure. Rural dilapidated housing relocation is one of the research projects of its steel structure.

At present, it has developed and designed 90 square meters to 300 square meters of steel houses for the northwest, southwest region and new countryside construction. It has been developed from the structure, maintenance, floor, and integration. The economy is environmentally friendly and fast. The next step in the construction of steel structure research and development, development of new processing and construction technology at the same time, Gansu Construction Investment will also be in 2016 in Gansu Construction Investment New District 100,000 square meters of high-rise residential self-built projects all use steel structure, through In practice to sum up experience, so as to further promote the industrialization of rural steel housing industry.

Post time: Dec-04-2019