Provincial Gymnasium has built the main body of the stadium and steel structure

Lanzhou Morning News (Reporter Lu Weishan) Reporters on February 23 held in the province’s sports work conference was informed that last year the province in the field of national fitness has made great progress, the province held a total of 68 races, increased the stadium Free open efforts, the current upgrade in the gym to reach the crowd of 1.25 million people.

According to Yang Wei, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau, in 2016, the province has built 103 township and community sports fitness centers, 75 township and community sports fitness plaza, 62 cage soccer fields, 900 fitness paths, 2781 administrative village farmers Sports fitness project, 7 assembled swimming pool, 2 removable ice rink, 5 multi-purpose sports field. Gansu Provincial Gymnasium completed an investment of 226 million yuan, has been completed the main venue and steel structure. Qilihe Stadium project completed feasibility study, environmental assessment and other preliminary work. Lintao base construction continued to advance, the provincial body two brigade skating hall built and put into use.

Post time: Dec-04-2019