China Water and Hydropower Bureau of the construction of the Wuhan Metro Guanggu Wu Road Station steel structure completed

On the 26th of February 26th, at the construction site of the Guanggu Wu Road Station on Route 11 of Wuhan Metro Line, with the 350-ton crawler crane slowly mounting the last piece of steel beam to the designated position, Four Bureau of the construction of the Wuhan Metro Line 11 2 tenders Guanggu Wu Road Station steel works works on a successful full stop.

Since October 11, 2016 the first steel pipe column installation began, the project manager experienced a full four and a half months time, tackling tough, day and night construction, even in the Spring Festival such a family reunion festival is only a short break Short two days will organize all the construction, and finally to ensure the quality and safety under the premise of the successful completion of the steel structure project node duration objectives.

The steel structure consists of 35 steel pipe columns with a wall thickness of 50 mm, a diameter of 1.4 meters and a longest steel pipe column of 31.73 meters. The top layer 71 combination of H type Steel beam, wing 60 mm, web 50 mm, the maximum span of 36 meters, the connection method using full penetration welding, the total amount of 3945.19 tons, Wuhan Metro Project Manager since the admission since the single tonnage of the largest, The longest production period, the largest number of staff, the installation of the most difficult projects. In order to facilitate the installation work, the project manager designated factory supervision, from the raw material re-inspection, cutting, assembly, calibration, assembly assembly welding, weld inspection, paint coating, factory acceptance and other aspects of strict control; Steel beam construction process exists high-altitude operation, the construction of three joint engineering and technical department, safety and environmental protection department to discuss and study, and developed a set of safe construction program to solve the high-altitude construction of the hidden dangers; Processing and post-roof steel beam construction process, in the face of welding parts difficult, the amount of welding problems, the project manager through the increase in equipment, personnel, optimize the construction program and other measures to ensure the completion of the node duration.

The successful completion of the construction of the site steel structure is the first result of the China Water and Hydropower Bureau in Wuhan Metro Project 2017. The staff of the project manager department will make persistent efforts to fight the goal of the main structure of Guanggu Wu Road Station. Fulfill a satisfactory answer.

Post time: Dec-04-2019